Hey guys! I'm Kylie
the face behind Within Nutrition.

Studying Physiological Sciences at UCLA made me fall in love with science and become a Clinical Research Coordinator. After learning that most conditions are prevented by nutrition, I pursued my Master in Human Nutrition at Columbia University Medical Center and my RD at Teachers College, Columbia University. I now help those who struggle with dieting and digestive issues to find a sustainable and realistic approach to improve their body and health.

Through my journey, I learned that general nutrition recommendations are harming people. I quickly realized that our body is not a math equation of "calories in vs calories out" but a (veryyyy) complex biology project that involves our hormones, blood sugar, and metabolic rate.

I consolidated my 10 years of nutrition study and clinical experience into a simple formula for fat loss.

It's a formula that allows me to enjoy all foods without guilt, go on vacation without food anxiety, and get into the body I want without thinking about food and dieting all the time.

I feel great in my body and mind. No more  bloating, stubborn fat, or exhaustion. Sounds pretty good right?


Hey guys! KATE HERE,

I am trying to change redefine healthcare through Lifestyle Medicine. My passion for health and wellness led me to pursue a master’s degree in nutrition at Columbia University and a medical degree at The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. I am also a certified group fitness instructor and personal trainer. This combination of medicine, nutrition, and exercise has shown me that both food and exercise can be used as medicine.

During my medical training, I learned that our healthcare system isn’t designed to educate people how to maintain a healthy lifestyle to avoid illness, but rather manage symptoms of chronic diseases. The first line treatment for many doctors is to prescribe medication, rather than diet and exercise. I noticed many of the diseases we were treating could have been prevented with lifestyle changes. This would lead to better patient care and improved outcomes for everyone involved, including patients, payers, and hospitals.

Patients need to be educated on the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, so they can be less reliant on medications. My passion for both exercise and nutrition led me into the field of lifestyle medicine, where I hope to help people achieve optimal health, free from unnecessary medications.